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We have come a long way since the establishment of our company in 1996, and have become a premier name in the domain with a wide base of satisfied clients bolstering our growth further. We are a noted Manufacturer and Supplier of products such as high quality Pillows, Cushions and Mattresses, that are available in a variety of options.

A Promise of Unmatched Quality and Superior Comfort

When it comes to relaxing after a hard day at work or toiling at home, the only thing one needs is a comfortable bed that is cozy and allows one to relax and rejuvenate. This is quite important, as the stress built up in the tissues and the built up mental pressure needs to be taken care of, and a peaceful nap does just that. But the quality of sleep one gets depends to a large extent on the coziness of the surface one sleeps on, as they dictate the posture we sleep in and how productive our nap is. Keeping all the aforesaid points in mind, Hare Krishna Foam Marketing has come up with an excellent range of the finest quality bedding essentials that are in a league of their own when it comes to quality and comfort. Mentioned below are a few salient attributes of our mattresses, that makes them simply the best option:

  • Superior quality padding
  • Better support to the spine
  • Perfect adjustment to posterior body curves
  • Unmatched levels of comfort
  • Optimum firmness levels
  • Superior quality springs and surface material(fabric)
In order to provide maximum comfort to the users, we use the best grade padding whose multiple layers are used in mattresses we offer, to significantly up the ante of coziness. Moreover, they are available in a number of padding choices, depending upon the requirement of customers and budget constraints. As for the cushions and pillows we provide, they are also made from high quality materials that offer far better comfort to the body parts resting on them. So, don't deprive yourself of a good sleep any more and relax fully with our range of best-in-class bedding essentials.